Co-Signor Debt Program

  • A well established and reputable US based Lender has been in operation for 40 years, and  has over $ 1 Trillion USD in cash that can be lent out immediately. These funds come from US based pension funds and private sources.  Lender has loaned over $1B USD to several applicants including being 1 of 5 major lenders for the New World Trade Centre Project in NYC.

  • FUNDING TERMS * 100% funding with no contribution needed from the borrower. * Funder does not require any equity.

  • Loan term up to 30 years at current interest rate of approximately 3.5%. * Funder can make loan payments up to three years during the construction period, if needed.

  • Preferred amount - US $50 Million and above.

  • Can be used for new projects or to refinance an existing debt. There is no repayment holiday for a refinance. * All loans and all repayments are in USD.

  • No Upfront Fees

  • Client needs an investment Grade Co-Signor, which can be Individuals, Banks, Corporations, Cities, or Countries.

  • Investment grade entities must be listed on Moody’s or S&P with a rating of:

    • AAA, AA, A:  3.5% interest rate

    • aaa, aa, a: 3.5%+ interest rate

    • BBB, BB, B: 3.5%+ interest rate

    • bbb: 6 to 7% interest rate


  • Letter from a banking officer of a qualified credit rated bank is required, stating that a DPLC will be issued upon approval of the Borrower’s loan by the Lender. The bank providing the DPLC must have a corresponding bank located in the USA, (ex: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase). This letter is the only documentation required to be submitted, initially,  for consideration.  The  letter from the Guarantors bank must be on the Bank’s letterhead, signed by a bank officer with their contact info, stating that the (name) Guarantor is ready to cover GUARANTEE the full terms of the loan, and that they will produce a DPLC.  Once submitted, the lender's underwriter will call that bank officer to confirm. Once confirmed, the underwriter will send the bank officer the verbiage that must appear on the DPLC.


  • Funding can occur within 45 days. 


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