Solar/Renewable Energy


Questions and Criteria for Renewable Energy Projects with High UV solar index/exposure:

Mandate: Solar/Renewable power generation, conversion, distribution, etc.
Status: New builds (greenfields) or upgrades (brownfields.)

Technology: Photo-Voltaic cost-effective @ 2000-10,00 PV panel projects.

Panel Installation: Investor may wish to elect vendor - German, French, Swedish, Swiss, or Asian (Korea, Japan, Chinese) technology providers are acceptable.

Model:  IPP + PPA with $/kWh credits/give-backs.

Investment Horizon: 1-3 year construction, 2-5 year payback criteria (duration.)

Capacity: minimum 100MW-200MW.

Financing: minimum $25M - 200MM via equity, debt or combination.

Investor Participation: Equity is preferred @ minimum 20-49%.

Commission(s): Success Fee for Advisory & Finder(s) participation are as follows: 5-7% cash + 2-5% project equity (in-kind.)



1. Please clarify which technology solar Photo-voltaic (PV) or Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is used for each project.

2. What is the MegaWatt capacity for each project.

3. Does the project owner require a license: Independent Power Producer (IPP)?

4. Has the project owner already registered/obtained a IPP license?

5. Is the project supported by any government/municipal Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

6. What is the $/kWh give-back for the PPA or government/municipal arrangement?

Energy Private-Equity Investors Database 

Database includes nearly 1,800 distinct Oil & Gas deal participants, LPs and/or Placees including; approx. ~ 25% or ~500 SWISS + MENA region, and ~75% or ~1,250 rest of the World (London, NYC, Houston, Singapore, etc.).


O&G deal participants deploy capital between $1-50M per commitment, on a private-placement vs bought-deal basis, and entities range range from Private Equity Funds, Family Office, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Asset Managers, Placement Agents, Attorneys, Underwriters, and Deal Arrangers, with U.S. based as follows: Texas (20%), New York (16%), and California (15%) direct energy investors.  Bonus 500 oil & gas deals: private-placement, bought-deal, debt issue. 


Also, over 400 Business Contacts, 25% of which e-mails will be provided, selected randomly to discourage spam or mass-email campaigns.  Over 8000 oilfield service firms - earnings/revenue not included.


  • Dataset fields: Company name, Company Address, City, State, Country, Tel#.

  • Business Contact fields: First Name, Last Name, Title, E-mail

  • Accredited Investor fields: Name, Address, State, Zip Code, Tel#.

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