Mining Private-Equity Investors Database CD


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The Mining Private-Equity Database includes well over $7B assets-under-management..
Of the 1,400+ funds & firms dataset.  24% Canadian deal participants, 24% North American, 16% U.K, 11% Australian, and others concentrated around major financial centers, but also included are off-shore havens for Tax-Exempt "Mining / Resource Mgmt" FUNDS: special purpose entities: Grand caymans (SPC), Switzerland (AG), Mauritus/Nevis/Seychelles (IBC), etc.
Fields: Country, Company Name, URL, Tel#, Address

For each of the 1,400+ funds & firms, the "Business Contacts" tab includes 2-4 personnel for a total of 3,000+ datapoints.  Approx. 29% are senior level:  VP, Portfolio Mgr., Partner, or CEO of the P.E. Firm or Underwriter.
Fields: City/Province, Country, Company Name, URL, Title, First Name, Last Name

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